Valerievich October

born in 1977

Artist Denis October
Born in 1977 in the city of Novoaltaysk. In 1997 he graduated from the New Altai State Art College. Since 2001, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. In 2004, at the II International Graphics Biennale "BIN-2004" (St. Petersburg, Russia) received a prize named after V. Vetrogonsky in the nomination "Easel Graphics".
Denis October works have their own individual style. They are written in a free impressionistic manner.
Since 1995, a participant in more than 50 group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Works are in collections:
State Art Museum of Altai Krai, Barnaul, Russia.
State Museum of Fine Arts, Biysk, Russia.
Regional Art Museum, Tomsk, Russia.
Russian National Museum of Music, Moscow, Russia.

Personal exhibitions:
1998 - “Search for the Light”, ASU exhibition hall, Barnaul.
1999 - "Lunar days", exhibition hall of the KSAA, Barnaul.
2000 - “Dreams of the new century”, ASU exhibition hall, Barnaul.
2001 - “Joys of Life”, exhibition hall of the KSAA, Barnaul.
2003 - Personal exhibition in BGHM, Biysk.
2003 - “Earth - Air” together with N. Zaikov, “Open Skies” pavilion, Barnaul.
2004 –Personal exhibition at the State Art Theater Arts Museum, Barnaul.
2004 –Expert-Siberia Exhibition Hall, Novosibirsk.
2005 - “Brother and Sister” together with E.October, “Gallery of the Shchetinins”, Barnaul.
2006 - “O.K. Abstrakt” together with J. Kikot, Open Sky Pavilion, Barnaul.
2007 - “Time to fly”, exhibition hall of the KSAA, Barnaul.
2008 - Gallery "Art Object", St. Petersburg.
2008 - "October in October", Art Gallery, Tomsk.
2010 - “Forgotten Dreams”, DO SORAN, Novosibirsk.
2010 - Art Gallery, Dalian, China.
2011 - Gallery No. 1, Novosibirsk.
2012 - Exhibition Hall KSHA, Barnaul.
2014 - Monochrome, Turin Mountain Gallery, Barnaul.
2016- Exhibition “Touching the Wind” in the gallery “Republic of Fine Arts”. Barnaul.
2016-Exhibition in the gallery “Altai. Talent. Biysk. " Biysk.
2016-Exhibition at the House of Scientists SORAN. Novosibirsk
2016-Exhibition "Touching the Wind", Erarta Museum-Gallery. St. Petersburg.
2018 - Exhibition “Depicting Jazz”, S.S.Prokofiev Museum. Moscow.

Group exhibitions
1999 - "Fresh Art of Siberia", Novosibirsk
2002 - Altai-Kuzbass Barnaul, Novokuznetsk
2003 - Siberia, 9th regional exhibition, Irkutsk, Tomsk
2004 - “BIN-2004” International Biennale of Graphics, St. Petersburg
2004 - “Figure of Russia”, Tomsk
2004 - Grani, interregional youth exhibition, Barnaul
2005 - “Excitement Siberia-2005”, inter-regional youth art exhibition, Barnaul
2005 - “Wind from the Sea”, exhibition of Siberian artists, Novosibirsk
2006 - “Russia. River of Russian Flowers ”, exhibition of works by Altai artists, Sergi, France
2006 - Nomads, Barnaul
2006 - Siberia. Altai. Mosaic of times ", Moscow
2008 - International exhibition-festival "Traditions and Contemporaneity", Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow
2009 - Art Manege, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow
2009 - Art Classic Gallery, Moscow
2009 - “Abstract about the concrete”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

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