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Mikhailovich Pogodaev

Russia • born in 1957

Biography and information

Born on 14 August 1957 in the city of Leninogorsk.

He graduated from the Novosibirsk state pedagogical Institute.

Painter. Works in the genre of the still life theme.

A participant of regional exhibitions since 1986, regional "Siberia" in 1991, 1998, Krasnoyarsk.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1993.

Major works:

"Memory". 1986. (Zmeinogorsky Museum),

"Bread" 1990,(in Rubtsovskiy art gallery)

"Potatoes," 1992-1993. (in Rubtsovskiy art gallery)

"Pumpkin and Kale" 1997,

"Gifts of the Altai – wealth of Russia," 1997,

Kalina Krasnaya, 1988.

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