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Rihardovna Rudzite (Ciesiulevich)

Russia • born in 1937

She was born 24 Jan 1937 in Riga.

Graduated from the Latvian Academy of arts in Riga, Latvia.

Painter. Works in the genre of thematic picture, portrait, landscape.

Participant of exhibitions since 1964 the regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union, international and foreign, among them:

All-Union exhibition of young artists 1972, Moscow,

All-Union exhibition "Glory to labor". Moscow. 1975,

Republican art exhibition "Earth and people", 1972, Moscow,

Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia", 1975, Moscow,

Republican exhibition "Artists of Russia" 1978, Moscow.

Member of the Union of artists since 1968.

Major works:

"Concert in the camp of death" 1967 (GHMC),

the cycle of "Great conscience" 1989-1990.

(Memorial Museum of V. M. Shukshin in village Joints. Altai region),

"Portrait Of Yu. N. Roerich" 1972 (GHMC),

"Self-portrait" 1986 (GHMC),

"Portrait of mother", 1988,

Portrait of film Director R. Sergienko, 1989.

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