Pascal Adolphe Jean

France • 1852−1929
Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret (January 7, 1852 - July 3, 1929) was a French artist, one of the representatives of the naturalist school.

Dagnan-Bouveret is considered one of the most significant artists of naturalist school, which turned to modern life at the same time as impressionism. At the age of 16, Pascal Dagnan refused to go with his father to Brazil and decided to stay with his grandfather in Paris to be able to study at the School of Fine Arts. Having graduated, he added the surname of Bouveret to the surname that he had received from his father, in gratitude to his grandfather. He studied with the most eminent academic artists of his time - Cabanel and Jerome. The artist received his first honors at the Salon for his quite traditional works.

His views on art changed dramatically under the influence of Jules Bastien-Lepage's art. Following the classic path of a salon artist who painted mythical heroes and goddesses in the clouds, he turned to the scenes of ordinary French life. He began to paint Breton pilgrims, villagers and urban scenes. Oddly enough, his new role completely suited the Salon judges, who had already seen a much greater danger in the impending wave of avant-garde movements. Therefore, Dagnan-Bouveret, who did not seek to paint colored shadows and flat figures, was even made the youngest academician. After the death of Bastien-Lepage, he became the main representative of naturalist school in French art.

Peculiar features of Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret's art. The artist painted portraits and paintings on classical religious subjects, but completely different works made him famous and brought him medals at international exhibitions. For example, those were a scene of medical care to a village boy or a little street organ grinder. But his Breton cycle were the most famous works of Dagnan-Bouveret. Dagnan-Bouvray considered the development of photography an invaluable service to the naturalist painter, so he confidently used the camera to take staged photographs and capture random street scenes for his future paintings.

Famous paintings of Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret: "Day of Forgiveness in Brittany", "In the woods", "Prayer of the Bretons".
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