Russia • born in 1956

1956-1972 Born in Germany, Potsdam. Relocation, life in Belarus, Minsk.

1972-1976 Study in Minsk art school. Glebova.

1976-1978 Service in the Soviet Army.

1978-1985 Work on radio and television of Belarus as an artist.

1978-1991 Self-study of the technique of paintings with ink. Support in this Mr. Suzukawa Masahisa (Japan). The study of the Japanese language.

1991-1992 Visit to Japan to learn the technique of paintings with ink. Exam at the Osaka Institute of fine arts. The direction of the managing Director of the school, "Nang", a famous painter of Jikihara, Gakusei. Learning and getting a name and printing out of the hands of Sensei. Participation in the gallery "Keyhan Depato", Osaka.

1995-2000, With the support of the Embassy of Japan in Russia exhibitions in Moscow (Gallery of modern art at Petrovka, Library for foreign literature, Moscow Conservatory). Master-classes "Suibokuga". Demonstration of a picture with a famous Chinese master Wang Xiong Geng – honorary diploma from the hands of the master. Show on Beijing TV for the New year.

2000-2002 Internship in Japan with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Russia and art associations in Japan. Participation in exhibitions: Tokyo State Museum – honorary diploma, the Museum of Japanese-Chinese friendship. honorary diploma for the Gallery Asahi, different letters. The diploma of Junior Sensei "Suibokuga".

2002-2006 Participation in exhibitions in Moscow Union of artists of Russia and other organizations. Participation in exhibitions Japanese – 7 times. Exhibitions in China – 2 times.

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