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Allegory of the case. 1627

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149×182.5 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Allegory of the case. 1627»

«Allegory of the Case». The artist painted on a high pedestal a statue in the form of a naked female figure balancing on a ball (with flying hair, a razor in his right hand and wings on his heels), which personifies Case. A lazy person (a male figure lying on a pig, to the left of a statue) misses the opportunity presented to him.
The character, placed to the right of the sculpture, took advantage of the opportunity, a favorable coincidence, and succeeded. Winged Glory leads the hand of the protagonist to the tent, where the seated woman is going to crown him with a crown (this allegorical figure with the cornucopia seems to represent "Good governance", in which peacetime science and art flourish).
In the picture in the foreground and left are the characters depicting the Dialectic (gesticulating man), Geometry (the person with the compass), Astronomy (the old man at the feet of which is the heavenly sphere), Science (scientist at the table), Painting (artist at the easel). In the lower right corner are the attributes of Music (notes, instruments).
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape, Portrait, Genre scene
Style of art and technique: Baroque, Oil
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