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Vasilyevich Makarov

born in 1932

Biography and information


He was born March 20, 1932 in the city of Krivoy Rog Dnepropetrovsk region. In 1946 he moved into Ternopol. Since 1948 he worked as an artist-designer in artistic production companies.

Since 1955 - the constant participant of regional exhibitions of fine art in Ternopil. Participant of art exhibitions in Lviv (1964), Kiev (1978, 1980, 2006), Mariupol (2006), Moscow (2006, St. Arbat 9, building 1).

Solo exhibitions

Ternopil (1982, 66 pictures), Kremenets (1988, 50 paintings), Ternopil (1997, 48 paintings), soup (2000, 22 paintings), Moscow (2006, 30 patterns).

Major works

"Thaw" 1960; "Morning in the mountains" Friendship" 1967; "the Ternopil lake night," 1973; "Evening" 1979; "Spring-80"1980; "self Portrait" 1981; "Flowers in stone" 1988; "Winter forest" 1996; "Spring meadow" 1988; "Street Extension "1999;" Urban alley "2000;" Kutkivtsi" 2003; "Autumn still life" 2003.

Creative features

Victor Makarov works in the genres of landscape, still life, rarely portrait. As a painter has formed on the basis of post-impressionism. Plot simplicity, decoration color, expressive brushwork, wide pasty smear - characteristic features of his work. Writes landscapes based on sketches from nature, which creatively reinvents. Also deals with drawing (pencil, pen and ink). Urban motifs marked with Panorament, expressiveness and precision.

The location of the works

Museums Of Ternopil

Regional - 5 works;

Regional art 5 of the works.

Private collections of Ternopil, Bohdan Klimchuk, Roman Ladyka, Georgiy Logvinov, Alexander Sexton, Alexander Litus (Kiev, 10картин), Sokolova Irina(Kyiv, 10 paintings), Neskoromnaya Victoria (Kiev, 8картин).

Private collections abroad

USA-Jody Simek, Roman Dechavez, Zoltan Gelb, Roman popadiuk.

Canada - 6 paintings;

Italy - 12 paintings;

Germany - 10картин;

Croatia (Radas Gelato - 127картин), Czech Republic (Asseco Wolfesberger - 1),

Moscow, Russia (Svetlana Yezhel, 6 paintings; Vladimir Makulov, 10картин; Aleksei Perepelitsa, 10 paintings; Sarkisova Irina, 6 paintings), Igor Karabelnikov (Komi-Russia, 14 paintings).

Literature about the artist

The first city exhibition of works of applied art. Article T. Udini - Ternopil 1977

XXIII regional exhibition of works of craftsmen and artists, directory, articles Igor Duda - Ternopil 1982

The artworks Makarov Victor Vasilievich, catalog, Ternopil, 2002

Igor Duda, art historian, Director of the Ternopil regional art Museum, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.

03.11.2003 G.

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