Mikayil Hussein oglu

Russia • 1921−2002

Painter and graphic artist, people's. hood. USSR (1963), full member AH the USSR (1988). Member of the CPSU since 1954. Graduated From Moscow. hood. Institute (1949), a student of S. V. Gerasimov. Lived and worked in Baku. Landscapes, lyrical landscape and genre paintings, portraits "Evening" (1947), "Lights of Mingechevir" (1948), "the Builders of happiness" (1951), "On the fields of Azerbaijan" (1963-65, triptych), "Girls of Xaçmaz" (1982), a series of drawings "Araks river" (1950), etc. The author of the memoir the book. "Through the eyes of Baku citizen" (1962).

Painter and graphic artist, people's artist of USSR (1963), corresponding member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1954, academician, member of the USSR Academy of Arts, laureate of International prize. John. Nehru, laureate of the state prize of the Azerbaijan SSR, laureate of Lenin prize of USSR, holder of the order "Istiqlaliyy-t" of sovereign Azerbaijan, Soviet orders: Lenin, October revolution, Friendship of Peoples.

Mikayil Abdullayev was born in Baku. He graduated in 1939 Azerbaijan art College, and in 1949 the Moscow art Institute named after V. I. Surikov. And here, talking about his extraordinary, bright talent. Still a student, he showed at the all-Union exhibition in Moscow, his first picture "the Evening", which is a large, complex-built, multi-figure compositions - handed feeling of returning to normal civilian life of the first postwar years.

His work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Leizpig, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, new Delhi, his works are in the Tretyakov gallery, Dresden art gallery, in many museums and private collections around the world, they had decorated the metro station "Nizami" hotel "Absheron", "Gulustan" Palace, whose paintings Krasota on the first page of the global catalog alongside such names as Botticelli, Cézanne, Degas, Goya, Leonardo Da Vinci "Madonna", Monet, Rembrandt, whose work was presented as a gift to the leaders of the friendly States of Azerbaijan, and the picture of the Turkish national poet Eunice Imre was presented by the late Heydar Aliyev to the government of Turkey, which undoubtedly showed how the Heydar Aliyev highly appreciated Mikail Abdullayev.

The same bright spirit filled "Mingachevir series" - paintings and drawings. This would seem to suspend the production cycle, as obligatory for young artists of those years, Abdullaev proved to thinking, not constrained by any conventions artist owning a compositional gift, a great draftsman, a subtle sense of colour, excellent colorist that would later become almost the main feature of his work. Love of color was truly passionate, boundless and bold. It could be expressed and powerful aspirations, and the finest design color scheme, where you often find it difficult to grasp the basic components, so they were transparent, bright and vibrant. Colour texture artist could build any amount, the objective world or a portrait image. In the shifting space could be his fantasies, and illusions.

Whether it is "the View of the mosque", "a night on the town", "Twilight", Azerbaijani, Moscow, Indian or Italian landscapes. But these landscapes, usually inhabited by people, sometimes bright, flamboyant, flashy and noisy crowd. Especially in the Indian series. For scenic loop "In India", Abdullayev awarded the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru.

Abdullayev was an excellent portraitist. And the current exhibition is evidence of this. Here are a lot of portraits, and almost everyone is so expressive, sturdy color that eyes hard to tear. And of course, the true masterpiece is "the Portrait of Renato Guttuso". It would have concentrated all the brilliant skill of Mikayil Abdullayev, all of his great talent, unmatched creative thinking. Portrait - the epicenter of the exhibition. And he is already one raises this seemingly intimate, almost randomly assembled exhibition on the level of a significant artistic phenomenon.

People's artist of USSR Mikail Abdullayev was rightfully the people's in all of our multinational country, whoever he wrote - Azerbaijani, Russian and Dagestani. Wrote with the same love, benevolence and affability. Mikayil Abdullayev passionately loved his Azerbaijan. Said, referring to his homeland: "do Not get tired as troubadours to sing of you in my canvases". And rightly so. But it is also true that the artist had not confined only in their national framework. He loved Moscow, Russia, India, Italy, other countries and peoples.

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