Vasilyevich Titov

Russia • born in 1920

Biography and information

Born in 1920, in the Ryazan region. In 1936 he began his working life, first as a student electrician at a military factory in Moscow, and then as an electrician on the construction of the all-Union agricultural exhibition. In 1940, drafted into the army, tank forces. In 1952 he graduated from the Ryazan art school. Worked for several years as a teacher of painting and drawing in schools of Ryazan, then an artist. At the same time, he entered the Moscow correspondence pedagogical Institute, art-graphic Department and graduated in 1961. And from then until his retirement in 1988 he worked in the Ryazan radio engineering Institute, the Department of engineering graphics. There's also conducted a fine arts club for students and teachers of the Institute. Since 1999 she lives in Moscow. Had three personal exhibitions, participation in city, regional, Republican and all-Union exhibitions of Amateur artists, in particular, participation in two exhibitions of artists - veterans at the Museum on Poklonnaya hill. Pictures of D. V. Titov spread across the globe. USA, Poland, Israel, CIS countries, many cities of Russia.