Nikolayevich Schroeder

Russia • born in 1835

He was educated in His Majesty's corps, where he was issued a cornet in the life guards lancers. At the end of the Crimean war, he retired with a goal to dedicate myself to sculpture, which was engaged in before an Amateur, using the advice of Professor Baron P. K. Klodt, and enrolled as a student of the Imperial Academy of arts, under the leadership of N. S. Pimenov. Still attending classes at the Academy, fashioned in one winter ten statues to composed M. Mikeshin Novgorod monument to Russian Millennium. Going in 1864 to foreign lands for inspection of the museums, he suddenly went to America, worked for four years in South America and then returned to St. Petersburg. Shortly after, in 1869, the Academy, the bust of Alexander I. Kireevskij, awarded him the title of academician. Most produced since the time of Schroeder's work relates to monumental sculpture. They performed a model of the monument of Catherine II , located in Tsarskoye Selo, and the monuments of Admiral Krusenstern and Prince P. G. of Oldenburg in St. Petersburg, Admiral Bellingshausen in Kronstadt, Peter the Great in Petrozavodsk, Emperor Alexander II and count A. A. Bobrinsky, in Kiev, as well as a fairly large number of portrait busts, among other things, a bust of the adjutant General Kaufman for Tashkent military Assembly, and twelve busts of the heroes of Sevastopol — for the Moscow historical Museum.

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