Alexandrovich Krotov

Russia • born in 1945

He graduated in 1971 from the Moscow higher art College (former Stroganov). One of the teachers of the artist was V. A. Glinicki (father Stephen). Already in the art school consists of the original style of the artist, which is expressed in their own conceptual framework. It's about the convergence of disparate images and pictures. His hands belong a variety of work from traditional to luxurious and intricate painting, which sometimes becomes a reflection of dreams. In 1976, joins the city Committee of graphic artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya.Since 1977 -1980 involved in informal so-called apartment exhibitions. He has created more than 300 paintings which are in private collections in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy.

"The artist who calls his style of romantic surrealism, and himself an optimistic pessimist".

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