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Akimovna Babayeva


Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in Belgrade (Yugoslavia). From 1948 to 1950, he studied at the Belgrade Academy of fine arts from 1950 to 1954 – at the Higher Institute of fine arts. N. Pavlovich in Sofia. Lived and worked in Omsk with the 1960s, a Member of the artists Union since 1967, Died 20 September 1991 are Buried in the East cemetery in Omsk.

Lit.: Morochenko, N. Babayeva N. A. // Morochenko N. P. Omsk artists – "the sixties": Cat. – Omsk, 1995. – P. 28-29, 82: portr, Il.; Kasyanov V. P. "Severe style". General principles of formation in painting N. M. bryukhanova and plastics N. A. Babayeva // Collection of scientific works of the Omsk Museum of fine arts. M. A. Vrubel. – Omsk, 1999. – P. 58-62: Il.

In 1948 he graduated from the School of applied arts, class of decorative sculpture Radek Stankevich.

In 1948-50, he attended the Academy of fine arts the sculptor Alojz Dolinar in Belgrade.

From 1950 to 1954 he studied at the Higher Institute of fine arts. N. Pavlovich in Sofia, the workshop of the sculptor Lubomir Dalchev.

Since 1955, lived and worked in Omsk.

Since 1967 member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Died in 1991.

The entire period of creativity exploring the themes of Motherhood. Creative fate has not definitely been working a lot, but never came out in urban space.

Works are in museums of Omsk: OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel and GMIO, which houses the archive of the sculptor.

The main work

Nurse Rita. 1963. The gypsum, casting.

Portrait of a girl. 1963. Plaster, molding, toning.50х22х30 OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel.

Sitting. 1969. Plaster, molding, toning.

Portrait workers Ohapkina. 1969. Plaster, molding, toning.

Boy. 1969-80. Gypsum / concrete molding.

Motherhood. 1970. The gypsum, casting.

Portrait of the honored engine manufacturer, V. M., Sadchikova. 1979. Bronze, casting. 38х29х23. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel.

Monument To S. M. Kirov. 1986-87 (architect G. E. Chirkin).


1962 — Group exhibition of artists Babayeva N., Belov S., Bryukhanov N., Shtabnova G. the House of the artist. Omsk.

1967 — II zonal exhibition "the socialist Siberia", devoted to 50 anniversary of Soviet power. Omsk.

1969 — III zonal exhibition "Siberia socialist". Krasnoyarsk.

1980 V zone exhibition "socialist Siberia". Barnaul.

1982/83 — the Regional exhibition "Omsk land." Artist's house. Omsk.

1975 — Exhibition "Contemporary Soviet graphics and sculpture". OOMIE. Omsk.

1984/85 — Regional exhibition "Omsk land." Moscow, Leningrad .

1985 — the Exhibition "Time forward!" (From the artist). OOMIE. Omsk.

1999/2001 — Exhibition "Art of XX century". OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2002 — the Exhibition "Omsk artists Union in the contrasts of the age." To the 70-anniversary of Omsk of the Union of artists of Russia. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2006 — Exhibition "the Artist in search of the ideal. Omsk, 1960-ies — the beginning of XXI century". GEO. Omsk.

2007 — Exhibition "Legends of Omsk in sculptural images." OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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