Efimovich Bakharev

Russia • born in 1935

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Graphic artist, author of "Trademark" is a unique collection of the best examples of trademarks created by the Union of artists of the "industrial graphics" of the Moscow Union of artists over the last 50 years. The mastermind, the originator and the author of the idea of publication of the book Ivan E. Bakharev has done a truly selfless work of collecting material, because in the post-perestroika period, the archives of the Enterprises with the original trademarks were partially lost. Trademarks presented in its original authors, the creators of the book have tried, wherever possible, to preserve the sense of man-made origin (in the pre-computer era, trademarks were drawn by hand, wileyways as collages). Unfortunately, it is not possible to establish an accurate chronology of the appearance of some characters, this work will probably be done in the future. The especially valuable this book is, that for 3 years work on it I. E. Bakharev largely made up for lost.

(Source: website of the Ministry of agriculture)

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