Gavrilovich Koshkin

Russia • 1912−1993

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Pavel Nakhimov with rural residence

Krasnogvardeysky district -- Prairie provinces of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. On its outskirts there are Nahimova-the Outback twice. The village is interesting to us not only his name but also open here in the mid 60 — ies of the last century monument to the brave naval commander and one of the organizers and leaders of the first defense of Sevastopol.

Since the village Nahimova, and the monument to the naval commander on... Began to seek in the Crimea sculptor worthy to carry out important order to carve Pavel Nakhimov from durable material, with epaulettes, peaked cap. The choice fell on the sculptor Konstantin Koshkin. Judging by the selected candidate, the conclusion is that the fleet has been configured to send to the steppe of the Outback, no less, as a work of monumental art. One of the best artists of this trend in the hero — city it was known as Konstantin Gavrilovich.

In 1982, Konstantin Koshkin agreed to arrange an exhibition of his work in a small country—Ivanteevka in city Palace of culture "Anniversary" of the Pushkin district of the Moscow region as a creative report before the fellow countrymen in connection with the 70 anniversary from the day of his birth and 35th anniversary of the work of art. This event was released more — or-less complete catalog of works created to a graduate of Moscow art school named after 1905 and the Institute of applied and decorative arts. (Catalogue provided me to work my colleague Sergey Koshkin is the son of the sculptor). From 1947 to 1982, he accumulated 230 works. 1948 have only three, and 1950—eleven. Work various chamber and 3 — 4 meters tall. Master used a variety of materials: plaster, wood, cast concrete and concrete with grit, malleable aluminum... By 1982, Konstantin Gavrilovich has participated in 43 exhibitions in capital cities, in major Crimean cities and one abroad—in Warsaw (Poland). Collective exhibitions were held for 3 to 4 sculptures and one day, and in Moscow in 1958, has selected ten works. Konstantin Koshkin, author of 11 solo exhibitions. The heroes of his works—the most different people: civil and military, artists and scientists...

In the days when the black sea fleet were negotiating the creation of the monument Nakhimov for the village of that name in the Central district of the sculptor was in "captivity" of the image and charm of Yuri Gagarin. It so happened that sevastopolets Konstantin Koshkin, along with his wife—also a sculptor, honored artist of the ARC Olga Minicool—hot on the heels of 16 April 1961, created the first sculptural portrait of the first cosmonaut of the USSR. Flying it to the stars, as we know, took place on 12 April of the same year. Didn't let the sculptor's image of Yuri Alekseevich. He sculpted sculptural portraits of the hero astronaut by order of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the Saka military pilots. One of the portraits using pilot — cosmonaut Pavel Popovich was transferred to Star city himself to Yuri Gagarin. Gift from Sebastopol he kept in his apartment. The last portrait of the first cosmonaut sculptor created in 1982 at the request of the Moscow memorial Museum of cosmonautics.

During the great Patriotic war Konstantin Koshkin with the fighting went from Moscow through Voronezh to the Carpathians. Soldiers of Victory, lost on the battlefields of many friends who readily responded to the petition to perpetuate the memory of fallen soldiers. And today he created the monuments can be seen in Krasnyi Mak in Bakhchisaraysky district, in the October, Pershamajski district and in other villages of the Crimea, and even in Spas — Klepiki Ryazan region of the Russian Federation.

The black sea was considered to be successful the choice of the contractor responsible for ordering the village Nahimova. Although the candidacy of Konstantin Koshkin could tell Peter Pereverzev, because on 5 may 1963 at the architectural masterpiece—a building of office of the collective farm was opened almost four metres high (without the pedestal) the monument to Karl Marx. It was carved by Konstantin Gavrilovich.

In the catalogue of the fixed start date of work on the project of the memorial bust to Admiral—1964—the cast size 30х30х40 inches. The work was finished in 1965. For the realization of his plan to Konstantin Gavrilovich took a lump of the Crimean diorite. And considerable. The parameters of the monument — the bust impressed 65х96х124 see According to the made in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow directory, the official opening ceremony of the monument in Nahimova on September 10, 1966

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