Charles Theophilus

France • 1854−1926


French painter, representative of neo-impressionism.

Born into a family of a village schoolteacher. The work of AGRANA the exhibition at the Rouen School of fine arts has roused the admiration of Corot. From 1882, the artist moved to Paris, where he became acquainted with Georges Seurat, P. Signac, Luce, M., and A. E. Cross, the future founders of neo-impressionism.

Angran during these years wrote his paintings in the style of pointillism - the technique of writing separate strokes in the form of dots or small squares, creating a single canvas, the inventor of which was Sulphur. Angran friends worked hard in the open air, as on the island of La Grande Jatte, along with Sulfur, wrote the picturesque neighborhoods of Paris (the"Western railway"). In 1884 and 1886 he participated in the Salon of Independent. Together with Seurat participated in the exhibition in Brussels in 1889 ("the Wandering couple"). Angran grieved at the death of a friend in 1891, From 1891 to 1895. from time to time the artist participated in the exhibitions of the "Salon", but mostly led a reclusive life.

After 1900 Angran abandoned pointillism, which because of its laboriousness deprived of the artist's freedom of expression. He returned to laskovoi traditional painting technique, experimenting with large strokes that do not create an optical unity, but give the intensity of the color.

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