Yakovlevich Lagutin

Russia • born in 1911

The Efron Lagutin was born on 8 October in the village of Yabluneve, Ryazan province. Later, his mother moved to Moscow, where he graduated from high school and College FROM 1905. Participated in the design of the capital for the holidays, decorated Amateur theatricals, worked closely with the famous Studio A. N. Arbuzov and V. N. Pluchek. After receipt in MGHI them. Surikov was drafted into the army (1942). He fought in the 2nd Baltic front. Was wounded. After the great Patriotic war, returned to College and graduated in 1949, having defended the diploma on "perfectly".
From 1950 to 1953 he worked in the theater group of Soviet forces in Germany, the main artist of the theater. Invented many interesting ways to organize the stage space. Diligently searching for the most accurate means to create a visual image of the play. 1955 – 1957 - working in the Theatre-Studio of film actor.
Since 1958, he served in the closed city of Tomsk-7 main artist Musical-drama theatre. Thanks to an inspired and highly professional work of artist performances and the theater itself is transformed. According to theater workers who came to the city, the scenery and stage performances solutions were "at (or even above) the best Moscow theatres".
In 1961, S. I. Lagutin returned to Moscow, where he began teaching at the choreographic memory of 1905. Many years of experience in theater and principled position of the painter, the writer is not "to order", and at the behest of the heart, proved to be invaluable in teaching. Professionalism and a deep human decency Lagutin attracted almost all of its students. S. Lagutin developed and built the program and methods of teaching composition. Subsequently, the program was adopted for all art schools in Russia. Among students Sy Lagutin be called such famous and talented artists as N. N. Merkushev, S. B. Benediktov, V. J. Fomin, Yu. S. Ustinov.
In 1968-m to year in Moscow academic musical theatre named after K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko S. Lagutin designed the Opera. T. Khrennikov "rootless son". He was awarded the First degree Diploma at all-Russian show of music, drama and children's theater.
By the early 80-ies Sergey Yakovlevich quit teaching and devoted himself entirely to painting. He created a series of profound and masterly plan in terms of professionalism paintings on philosophical and religious themes. Almost all of them, as well as those of earlier periods, was exhibited at the Novy Manezh exhibition hall and Theatre Museum. A. A. Bakhrushin, to which he donated several sketches of scenery and costumes.
Sergey Lagutin can certainly be called one of the most significant artists of the Russian theater, an outstanding teacher and a major Russian artist to the last days faithfully served the high humanistic ideals of true Art.

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