Peter Janson

Netherlands • 1597−1665

Peter Janson Saenredam (niderl. Pieter Jans(zoon) Saenredam, 9 June 1597, Assendelft — may 31, 1665, Haarlem) Dutch painter.

The son of a printmaker and a draughtsman. The famous image of architectural structures, especially the Church interiors. Imbued with Protestant asceticism, the art of Saenredam together with the constructivism of the Bauhaus, painting of Mondrian, and together with the Baroque illusionism and the dizzying perspective of the frescoes by Andrea del Pozzo. The thoroughness and clarity of deserted architectural spaces of Saregama contrasts with the interest to the person and to the atmosphere of the temple of his contemporary interiors of Emanuel de Witte.

Work Saregama are kept in museums of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, USA. In 2000-2001, a retrospective of his was presented in the Central Museum of Utrecht. In 2002, the Los Angeles J. Paul Getty Museum. J. Paul Getty was an exhibition of Sacred space Peter Saenredam. Organ play patterns Saregama dedicated to the Dutch composer and organist Piet Kee (2000).

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