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Ivanovich Makarov

Russia • 1929−1993

(15.04.1929, Borisoglebsk the Voronezh region – 8.06.1993, Chelyabinsk), member. CX USSR (1960). In the childhood was engaged in art Studio. In 1947-51 studied at the Saratov arts. Uch-school at the Department of sculpture. Since 1951, lives in People. Worked as a modeller at the theatre of Opera and ballet. M. I. Glinka, in the mountains. Park of culture and leisure. Yuri Gagarin (see Parks). From 1954 the party., zones., Rep., proceedings of all-Union. exhibitions. The master of easel monument., the memorial sculpture. Lyric. the nature of M. talent, who is sensitive to human psychology, most evident in the portrait genre: “Portrait of an old Bolshevik I. S.]” (1959), “the police Captain I. D. Rustling” (1972), “portrait of the artist Vladimir Solovyov” (1983), “Portrait of Professor A. S. Staritsyna” (1985). A favorite theme in the works – a children's portrait (“Toma”, “Girl rope”, “Little Mama” – 1957; “Republic shkid” – 1987). Actively worked in the monument. sculpture (amp. S. M. Zwilling, Chel., 1964; pam. dead Led. Otech. war, Miass, 1967; the memorial of the fallen in the war, Troitsk, 1971; pam. fell in Led. Otech. war, S. miasskoe People. reg., 1977; high relief “150 years of the Chelyabinsk city clinical hospital”, 1979). Proizv. M. are in the collection of the Krasnoyarsk arts. Museum. V. I. Surikov, COCH.

(author: E. M. Ustyantseva)

Lit.: D m I t R I n G. Dear great art. H, 1963; o l o s e to V. the Beauty is born in flames // CHR. 1967. 2 Feb.; B a th n o V L. P. the Artists of Chelyabinsk. H, 1979; Ku d W o e V O. A. the Sculptured chronicle of the region / O. A. Kuzaev, A. S. Vaganov. H, 1989; Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991: Right. / AVT.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. H, 1996.

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