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Vasilievna Malakhieva


Biography and information


Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of the RSFSR.

Registration of more than forty performances in the drama, musical and puppet

the groups of the country, Rabat in movies and on television, part in in Leningrad, all-Union

and international exhibitions – these are the results of creative work of the theater artist,

member of the Leningrad Union of artists, honored artist of the RSFSR Valentina Vasilevny Malachieva.

She began his artistic career in 1945. Her first work was

Design plays the Leningrad theatrical Institute "twelfth night"

W. Shakespeare, "Deep exploration" by A. Kroner. Then she created costumes and scenery for the musical performances of the operetta "My biography", "Mademoiselle nitouche",

"Mirandolina". At this time V. V. Malakhieva began to experiment with luminous

Colors for variety, and in 1946, with her participation was

Made stage musical performance of "Hodja Nasreddin", where for the first time in our country used these colors in scenery and costumes, as well as to create

stage masks.

The focus, talent and creative burning Valentine Malakhieva gave the magical world of puppet theatre, having worked in a Large puppet theatre for twenty-five years.

Grotesque, irony, keen expression, metaphor are terms that characterize

oformlennye it plays for the adults.

1955 "Gavroche", the play of L. Bresciavia – differed natural inherent

the early 50-ies.

1956 "And laughter, tears and love", Comedy V. Polyakov, gauge human dolls.

The plot of this play is the story of a young doctor and his assistant examining the hearts of others

and in the ending it turns out that their own hearts are full of love to each other - rodinal

a number of satirical and humorous miniatures.

1957 "the Twelve chairs", a stage adaptation of the novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov.

The created image was exposed the "great schemer", excessive thickening negative

his character, dismissing him as a person.

In 1957, the play "Twelve chairs" in Central Asia dramatic

Theatres received the Diploma of the first degree. In 1958 at the world exhibition in Brussels

large silver medal was awarded to Valentina Malachieva doll kitty Vorobi-


1958 "the Lovely Galatea", based on the play of B. and S. Gidora Durvasa. Modernized myth

Pygmalion and his animated creation was represented by the dolls the opportunity to test their strength in

parody, biting satire. Caustic ridicule in the play was not only the Galatea whose soul

was far from perfect, but many of the gods of Olympus.

Very much a parody of a story found expression in the dolls Valentina Malachieva. They no longer resembled human beings from the play "And laughter, tears and love".

Here the Convention doll was not hidden, but rather was used to limit one or the other personality traits of the character.

In 1959, staged the play by Karel and Josef Čapek "the life of insects".

The characters in the three acts of this play were really insects in the first – moths

living a simple and indolent life, in the second – beetles, who regarded the raison d'être of the hoarding, and, in the end, - ants, seeking to dominate the world.

The play was called "In the Golden Paradise" were disgusting and doomed

the world where reigned the instinct, calculation, brute force. Was very interesting also doll V. Malakhieva, are combined Zoological and human traits.

In 1960, at the Second international festival of puppet theatres and puppets, Provo

DIMM in Bucharest the play "In the Golden Paradise" won the Grand Prix and gold medal.

1961 "the Golden calf", a dramatization of the novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov. Staging the solution to individual episodes and images created dolls V. Malakhieva testified

The gradual emancipation of the stage language of puppet theatre.A significant change has occurred in the Bender. He seemed younger, became possessed of the charm, which they were deprived

early in the play.

In these productions there was a relaxing of the language of puppetry, the rejection sub FR-

Jania dramatic scene, a return to the conventions of the doll.

1963 Treasure "Sylvester", a satirical composition A. Wagenstein

1966 "tonight happened," a parodic representation of Vladimir DYKHOVICHNY, etc.

1968 "Utter Comedy" based on the works of T. M. Plautus. Tells the story

Slave Pseudoe. The struggle of the hero occurred against the backdrop of endless amorous adventures of his


For young viewers Valentina Vasilievna made dolls and decorated


1955 "the Magic gourd", a Korean tale N. Hazy.

1956 "Better Ferdy no", the tale I. of Calabria.

1962 "Employee Emelyan and the empty drum", a play by E. Seltzer and E. Lepkowski for motive

Tales Ln. Tolstoy.

1965 "Catherine's day," play by M. M. Azova, and Tikhvin.

1966 "the Tale of a young Kaplice", a play by N. Gernet.

1970 "Mayakovsky, Marshak – children", musical performance for the poems

V. Mayakovsky "the Tale of Peter , the fat kid and CIMA, which is fine" and S. Marshak

"Mr. Twister". Doll was carried out together with L. Borovenkova.

Dolls for the first children's television show in 1955 - the monkey Zakony beret askew and serious boy with glasses named Televicion – created it too. After dinner was a very rough monkey with good behavior, but temperamental, emotional, kind, and serious Televison, on the contrary, all the time stubborn and used to conspire.

Iacono voiced the famous Vladimir Kukushkin, actor-puppeteer of the Bolshoi theatre of dolls Nekrasov street".

In 1955 V. Malakhieva for the first time tries his hand at the art of cinema. Together with the artist Vladimir Makarov it creates a fabulous bottom and fantastic landscapes of space to the film "planet of storms".

Valentine Malakhieva invented the first puppet a stand-in for home movies, and the first Soviet pterodactyl. The most famous of its work – the mechanical doll Suok from "Three fat men" and the Head of Professor Dowell.She made puppets for the film "Old, old story", "Save and protect", the deceased for the film "the second Circle" by Alexander Sokurov. She is the author of the sculpture of Anne-Marie's dummy, showing a necklace with a snake, a masterpiece for the movie "Gospodin oformitel", where the artist herself played the role of the old female pimp. Unfortunately, many dolls suffered a bleak fate.

The dolls climb Malachieva feet, moving hands, open and close eyes, they even know how to wink .To properly and freely operate such a doll, you need to master her facial expressions, to feel nature and character.To one person it is difficult to make a doll. Therefore, all mechanisms are created the husband of Malakhieva – sculptor Oleg Sikorski (physicist by education).

Now doll, Valentina made Malachieva are kept in the Museum of the Bolshoi theatre of dolls

in state Central theatre Museum im. A. A. Bakhrushin and private collections

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