Alexandrovna Mandalian

Russia • born in 1939

Biography and information

The candidate of pedagogical Sciences, member of the Union of writers of the USSR, and later – Moscow; member of the Union of journalists of the USSR; member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Was born and graduated from high school in Moscow. In connection with a marriage he moved to Yerevan. He graduated from the Yerevan Art University, sculpture Department. He worked at the Studio "Armenfilm" cinema artist, then as a cartoonist. Sculpture engaged in a creative workshop and participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Armenia. Conducted in parallel in a normal school experimental classes in ceramics and applied arts in its own way, on the basis of which he defended his thesis (at Moscow Academy of PED.Sciences). Journalism has hundreds of published articles, half of which are in the United States.

He has more than 20 published books in the science fiction genre and children's literature. (ed-VA: "Sovetakan grogh" and "Literaturnaya Armenia" in Yerevan; "the Young Guard", "Children's Literature", "Soviet writer", "Seeker", "Olympus" – in Moscow), and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

In 1990 he moved with his family to Moscow. As a writer in the USSR state Committee for cinematography (Studio "Sirin"). Then – senior researcher of the Institute of Art Education of the Academy of Pednauk.

From 1994 to present he lives with his family in the United States, in Los Angeles. He worked as a literary editor of the California almanac "Panorama" and conducted it in his category of "Unknown", then a computer designer in UCLA.

He is currently working with new York Newspapers: "In a New Light", "Moskovsky Komsomolets in America", "Novoe Russkoe Slovo", as well as the Moscow Armenian newspaper "Noah's Ark", with the "Seagull" – Boston. In the new York newspaper "Russian Bazaar" is a category Unknown America.

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