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Vasilyevich Moshev

Russia • born in 1936

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Honored. worker of arts of Komi ASSR. He graduated from the Moscow polygraphic. in-t (1969). Participant of exhibitions: mountains. in Syktyvkar, resp., region. "Ural socialist" (1967), "the Soviet North" (Kirov, 1967; Petrozavodsk, 1969), "Artists of the North" (Murmansk, 1989), "Russian North" (Vologda, 2003), prod. artists ed. resp. RSFSR (Moscow, 1971), ; prod. artists ed. Rep., reg. and NAT. env. RSFSR (Moscow, 1989), proceedings of all-Union. a children's book. (Moscow, 1971). The work of M. – Th. the gallery Resp. Komi.

(Source: encyclopedia)

(b. 29.09.1936, D. Demino kudymkarskiy village Council). Chart (easel and book). After kudymkarskiy forest College (1959) worked as a foreman in the forestry, road master, laboratory assistant at techmania and Teherani, scientific.et al. the County historian. Museum, art ed. Komi-Permyak office of Perm. book publishers. Graduated from the Department of book graphics Moscow polygraphic Institute (1968). In 1967 moved to Syktyvkar, works in easel and book graphics. Cooperated with Komi-Permyak publishing house on the artistic design of books: V. Klimov "Civelek - civilek" (1988); T. Fadeev "Ibsar" (1989); two volumes of Komi-Permyak folklore "Olasa Yes, Walesa" (1990); "Catchy tie Monate" (1991); "Parma Kama" (1995); "sacred treasure" (1997).

Member of the Union of artists of Russia (1973), member of the Union of journalists of Russia (1977), Honored. worker of arts of Komi ASSR (1985). The participant of regional, Republican, zonal and all-Russian exhibitions.

Lit.: Zhdanov D. A. the Artists of Parma // Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug on the turn of the century. Kudymkar, 2000. P. 222-227.

(Source: encyclopedia of "Perm Krai", A. D. Zhdanov)

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