Mark Toby (eng. Mark Tobey, December 11, 1890, Centerville, USA — April 24, 1976, Basel, Switzerland) is an American artist representing the Northwest school of abstract expressionism.

Like most of his contemporaries from the art world, gave the preference to the practical search, rather than teoreticheskogo education, which received the art Institute of Chicago. A great influence on his artistic style had the art of East Asia, which Toby had studied during a trip to Japan and China in 1934 felt it, in his own words, "a calligraphic impulse": a sharp, thin needle line drawing sweep across the canvas and give the impression of space, the center of which it is impossible to determine with accuracy. The names of the paintings are related to the personal motives of the author — "Twisted" (1959), "Pacific stream" (1959/1962), "Space Beam" (1960), "On the Ground" (Art Institute, Chicago).

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