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Sophie Toibert-Arp
born in 1889
Sophie Toibert-Arp
biography has been updated
Sophie Tauber-ARP (Sophie Taeuber-Arp 19 Jan 1889, Davos, Switzerland – January 13, 1943, zürich, Switzerland) – artist of the famous group in Zurich, which gathered in the "Cabaret Voltaire": the participants laid the foundations of Dadaism. Teuber was the fifth child in the Prussian middle-class family. He studied painting in Switzerland, and then textile design in Germany. In addition, Sophie trained in dance, weaving and beading. After returning to Zurich, begins to create abstract paintings and sculptures, while devoting a lot of time in art and the study of modern dance. In 1915, Teuber acquainted with the French painter Jean ACOM, they begin to work together, and seven years later married. The artist has taught textile design, along with her husband was engaged in interior design, continuing to create abstract works in various media. Sophie Tauber-ARP died in his sleep at the age of 53 years old from carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty stoves.

Features the French artist Sophie Tauber-ARP: despite the short existence of Dada, she remained faithful to his principles throughout his career. Tauber-ARP wanted to break the boundaries between fine & applied arts. In her work she combines different techniques, creating a revolutionary hybrid. It also explored the relationship between visual art and performance, working with dance, movement and masks.

The famous painting Sophie Tauber-ARP: "Composition", "Vertical and horizontal composition", "Dada composition".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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Sophie Toibert-Arp. (no title)
Sophie Toibert-Arp. (no title)
Sophie Toibert-Arp. (no title)