Georgievich Pushkin

Russia • born in 1929

Born on March 26, 1929 in Moscow, sculptor. Pravnnuk AS Pushkin. During the war, a twelve-year-old boy with other guys put out enemy lighters on the roofs of Moscow houses. In 1946 - 1951 He studied at the Moscow Art - Industrial College. M.I. Kalinin at the sculptural department of GD Alekseev and MA Shmakov, together with V. Egorov, Y. Tour (sculptors), S. Dozorov (artist and teacher). After graduation he studied in Mukhinka, in Leningrad. Professionally engaged in mountaineering, especially in the Caucasus and the Pamirs, was a student of V.M. Abalakov, a master of sports and an instructor. I have been to many different geological expeditions. He worked in the Moscow Union of Artists, mainly as a mural sculptor. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. In 1980 he worked on orders in the association "Rosmonumentiuskus", including in the city of Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg). His assistant was Sergei Nikolaevich Telyakov, also a master of sports, who lived in Plotnikov Lane, the son of Hero of the Soviet Union N.M. Telyakov. On the road from Optina Pustyn on August 3, 1992, M.G.Pushkin got into a car accident and died in a hospital, was buried at the Vagankovo cemetery. A handsome, strong man, looked like Yves Montana, but his eyes were brown, he was married, the father of two children. Vadim Egorov (Grivsky)

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