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Hendrick Jansz

Netherlands • 1588−1629
Dutch artist Hendrik Jans of Terbruggen (1587/1588 – 1629.) is one of the best masters of the North caravaggism. It is often compared with Babyroom and Hunterston, paying tribute to the stubbornness of the master in the sequel to the classic Italian school of painting of the beginning of the Baroque era with the simultaneous combination of the subjects of the pictures a certain amount of mannerism and taste of its own.
The work of Jans Hendrik Terbryuggena is a home theme, and the theme of religion and mythology. Famous names of paintings of the artist:
• "Doubting Thomas";
• "Boy with a pipe";
• "The flutist".
Painter is one of the most individual karavadzhistov. He did not create his school, however, the artist's works had a great influence on the formation of Balerma, Brahmer, Aristotle and even of Georges de Latour, who knew by heart the names of the works of Jans Hendrik Terbryuggena and followed his ideas.
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