Akimovna Rodionova

Russia • 1913−1991

Training in WAH was held at the faculty of architecture.

(1913, St. Petersburg – 1991, Petrozavodsk). Artist of applied art, designer of the book. Graduated from the Russian Academy of arts (1933-1939). Member of the CX (1954).

Works: sketches of the jubilee mural-carpet (1957), the costumes of the ensemble "Kantele" (1959), jewelry jewelry set "Berezka" (1964), the samples for the mass production of wooden Souvenirs (1960), ed. "Karelia" - "Kalevala" (; 1949, 1956), Karel "embroidery" (ibid, 1958).

Exhibitions: artists of Kazakhstan in Moscow (1951, 1959), North 67, 69, of artists of Kazakhstan – since 1948

Location of works: CMIE, kgcm.

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