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Il'ich Ryvkin

born in 1916

Painter. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Famous in the second half of the twentieth century, the Moscow artist Aron (Leonid) Ilyich Ryvkin was born in the mountains. Rechitsa, Gomel region, July 3, 1916. In the early 30s the family moved to Moscow. The boy showed an interest in drawing early, but until graduation, apparently at the insistence of his parents, he could not be realized in a professional and educational way.

In 1934, Lenya, as his close friends called him, leaves for relatives in Rostov-on-Don and enters the philological department of the pedagogical institute there. In the university, mastering the teaching profession, he is distinguished not so much by the assiduity of the language and literature writer as by the portrait work from the images of teachers and classmates. Already in the second year, he was attracted to the design work, painted portraits of leaders, wrote banners at city demonstrations and rallies. In the same period (1934-1936), Lenya, as a volunteer, attends the Rostov Art School.

After graduating from the institute, a diploma teacher and artist by vocation were distributed by a teacher to a village school in Veshenskaya stanitsa, where, as is well known, M.A. Sholokhov. Their acquaintance was natural and it can be assumed that Mikhail Aleksandrovich in many respects predetermined the future work of the artist. At least, it was in Veshenskaya that he began to paint landscapes. However, the practical development of the pedagogical path in the summer of 1939 was interrupted by a call to active service in the army.

The army period in the life of the future artist was not much different from the university one: the decoration of the unit, individual orders ..., the military training of the future political leader did not seem to be the most important thing in the course of everyday work. But two years flew by, and on the eve of the transfer to the reserve a war broke out.

Western, Leningrad, again Western, 2nd Baltic, 2nd Byelorussian fronts of the Great Patriotic War received A.I. Ryvkina, who passed from the first to the last of her days, who lived this way from the political officer of the battery to the political officer of the regiment who won and stormed Berlin in May 1945 After the surrender of Germany - the military commander of a small German town of Greifswald and demobilization only at the end of 1946.

There is very little time to satisfy creative ideas - artillery units, as is known, for the most part provided the infantry directly on the front line. Two wounds and a severe contusion are not accidental. And, nevertheless, notebooks and just sheets with sketches gathered upon returning several suitcases.

The civil service (deputy minister of labor reserves, director of a technical school) did not prevent in the early fifties from completing the Grekovsky art studio for invalids of the Great Patriotic War and devoting almost fifty years to his artistic work.

Becoming a member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR for three decades headed the artistic team that “dressed up” all the demonstrations in the capital.

Aron Ilyich participated in many exhibitions, exhibitions of war veterans.

The most famous of his works are: “Monument to the dead on the Volga”, “On the front roads”, “Portrait of I.V. Kuvshinova "," Portrait of E. Bagritsky "," fought "," At the pier "," Mountain Landscape "," Winter Forest "," On the Lake, "" Moscow Region Landscape "," Arable "," Winter on the River " "Volzhskaya smooth surface", "House in the forest", etc.

The great life of the artist was also filled with an active personal development: two marriages, from the first sons, the second spouse alive - Ryvkina Taisiya Frantsevna, to whom the artist owes physical and spiritual health that nourished his creative energy.

The author of the article is A.A. Ryvkin


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