Yakovlevich Savochkin

Russia • 1921−1988

Biography and information

(18.08.1921, Novouzensk, Saratov region. – 6.06.1988, Chelyabinsk), the sculptor, corresponding member. CX USSR (1967), party Led. Otech. war. Fundamentals Fig. and studied painting in the art Studio at the cultural Department of the CPC in the city of Engels, Saratov region, worked as an artist in the K/t (the 30-ies.). In 1942-43 he fought in the 374-th arrow. regiment on the Volkhov front. After the injured were treated at the hospital in Person. . Worked as an artist in Person. tank. Uch-school (1943-45), in the officers ' House (1946), from 1948 to Person. a book publishing house (YUUKI), 1966 the sculptor in Person. creative.-industries. workshops. Gained fame as a sculptor, embodied the theme of military and labor. feat, images of famous contemporaries. Among proizv. monument. plastics – bust of the writer N. Ostrovsky at school No. 48 in the town of Pax. (concrete, 1961), the monument to the cadets of Wakasa who died in the siege of Leningrad. Otech. war – “the Soviet Icarus” (concrete, 1966), pam.-ANS. “1918. The red partisans” (concrete, 1968), the taxi driver in the City, bust of hero of the Soviet. Union scout N. I. Kuznetsov the school № 118 in Person. (forged copper, 1980), architect.-skulpt. the song “Temple of Peace” (cast, 1986); sculpture: “Vladimir Mayakovsky” (gypsum, 1953), “Poem of the revolution” (plaster, 1957, Center. the Museum of revolution, Moscow), “Soldier” (GIPS, 1965, Center. the Museum is Armed. Forces of the USSR, Moscow) “My contemporaries” (aluminum, 1966, Arts. Foundation, Moscow), “In the name of life on earth” (plaster, 1967), the portraits of veterans he Led. Otech. war; sculpture of small forms, including “the Deer with the branch” (cast, 1983, edition of Kasli plant). From 1955 he participated in the all-Union. reg. of arts. exhibitions. He headed the military.-mentoring Committee at the Board of CASH. Awarded hordes. Led. Otech. war 1-th step., medals: “For Victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945”, “For bravery” etc., etc., the all-Union. competition for the best project of the monument to People. dobrovoljc. tank. brigade (1958), a diploma and the title of laureate of the festival, dedicated. The 20-year anniversary of Victory.

(the authors: L. A. Sabelfeld, V. I. Titov)

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