Mikhailovich Selivanov

Ukraine • 1924−1984

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored art worker of the Ukrainian SSR, Professor.

(5.I.1924, p. Ryabkovo Kaunasskogo the district of Chelyaba. region — 2.XI.1984, Kiev) is a Ukrainian. schedule. Honored. worker of arts of Ukraine (1963). Secondary hood. education in Sverdlovsk, approx. a Kiev. hood. in-t, which became a lecturer (since 1974 — Professor). Known for his easel linocuts: "Kobzar" (1961), ser. "Kiev", "Arsenals", etc. In the book drawing Fig. the novel by E. Voynich "the gadfly" to "Bearers" O. Gonchar, etc.

The artist illustrated vol. S. L. E. TRANS. of the Makhnovists in the middle. "The school Olympiad W. b-ka" (Kiev, 1970). Namelocal. Fig. done here a subtle contour on a white background, like the old Russian. Parisa. Among them, a shoulder-length image of the author S., with quill pen in hand, the Performance of Igor's campaign, Yaroslavna and Weeping wives, the Escape of Igor and Ovlur, Igor's Return from captivity. On the endpapers geogr. map and lineage of princes. Among the inserts reproductions of miniatures of Radzivill chronicle, the paintings of V. M. Vasnetsov, page First. ed. S., engravings by Vladimir Favorsky and others In 1974 in Kiev, it was hood. ed. S. s drevnerus. text (hand-drawn A. S. Yaremenko), and lane M. F. Rylsky.

The text location. on even pages, accompanied by 17 linocut Selivanov: fine white outline on a black background transferred to the main episodes S. the Artist used the experience drevnerus. miniaturists: composition, flatness, ornamental and concise. Princes-riders in ornamenter. cloaks; as decorative clothing Yaroslavna. In the equipment of militia Igor powerful shields, spears, arrows. The face of the sun with a tear; the grass fades away, Laden branches of the tree, but everything comes to life for the return of Igor. Dressy jacket, a black-and-red endpapers motifs of birds. 3 linocuts from the book reproduced in the 2nd ed. S. in the middle. "The school Olympiad W. b-ka" (Kiev, 1983). In the artist loop, Fig. to the North occupies a special place. In the hood. criticism he remained unnoticed.

Ed.: The lay of Goreum / Introductory article, ed texts, ritmonio cap "Words" that pride L. Makhnovtsi; Malunki the portrait of work of artist I. M. Salanova. Kiev, 1970. ("Skin library") (pereezd. with. Fig. Selivanova — Kyiv, 1983); the lay of Goreum / Design of lustrac-linogravura artist I. M. Selivanov. Kiev, 1974.

Lit.: Pekurovsky M. Ivan M. Selivanov. Kiev, 1964.

(Source: SSE. O. A. Belobrova)

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