Anatolyevich Skoryk

Russia • born in 1928

Born in 1928 in the city of Stavropol.In 1952 he graduated from the Moscow art Institute.Surikova. Member of the Union of artists since 1960. Honored art worker of the Republic of Karelia(1971). Works are in the theatrical Museum.Bakhrushin (Moscow).

Theatre artist, graphic; engaged in scenography, poster. Born in Stavropol in 1928 he Graduated from the Moscow art Institute. Surikov (1946-1952). The honored worker of arts of RK (1971). Member of the CX (1960).

Work (RT): Leonid Zorin "Warsaw melody" (1968), Charles Dickens, "Samuel Pickwick and other", Y. Zaritsky, "Sword blacksmith" (1972), B. Vasilyev, "In lists did not appear" (1975), D. Gusarov, "Beyond mercy line" (1978), M. Shatrov, "the End" (1979), CH. Aitmanov, "Block" (1988), M. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" (1986), A. Kabakov, "The defector" (1990), Leonid Andreev "Judas Iscariot" (1991), J.-B. Moliere, "Mr de Parsonian" (1992), A. Christie, "Mystery house Vernier" (1993), S. Maugham, "the Faithful wife" (1994), A. Saint-Exupery, "the Little Prince" (1995).

Exhibitions: all-Union (1970), autonomy (1971), of artists of Kazakhstan – since 1967, in East Germany (Neubrandenburg – 1983), personal – Petrozavodsk (1973).

Location of works: CMIE, Theatre Museum Bakhrushin (Moscow), Sverdlovsk, Orenburg.

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