Nikolaevich Slobodzinsky

Russia • 1923−1997

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in the village of Timasheva Kuibyshev region. Russia.

Graduated from the Republican art. school. I. E. Repin in Chisinau, the picturesque pedagogical Department. 1952.

have aboral in the field of portrait painting, of lyrical landscape.

Participated in numerous Republican exhibitions CX.

He was a member of the artists Union since 1959.

VOV, is wound.

Place of work:

TV Moldova, art Director of movies, dramas ("little Red riding hood") and television puppet theatre "Prichindel", 1966-76гг.;

Hood. the Foundation of the MSSR, decorator since 1976.


Personal in the exhibition hall of skhm (work: "the Rebels are", "Nistru", "bus station", portraits, landscapes, drawings), 1959. Jubilee "For the 50th anniversary of the Great October", 1967.

"Always alert", 1972.; "Glory to labor", 1975.;

The artist's works were shown at the exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova" organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia in the exhibition hall skhm them. K. Brancusi, 06. 2005.

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