Eliseevich Sokolov

Russia • born in 1916

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of the Moldavian SSR.

He was born in 1919. in the city of Novozybkov of the Bryansk region, Russia.

Graduated from Odessa HUD. school -1940. In Moldova, 1948.

Participates in exhibitions since 1954.

A member of the artists Union since 1961. (Board member, Chairman of the section of theatre and cinema.)

Worked in Resp. Russian drama. The theater. A. P. Chekhov as a hood.- Director and chief artist - 1971-1985.


Honored artist of the MSSR - 1961.

Awarded with the medal "For valorous work", order of the Patriotic war I degree, Honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR -1984.

Participated in Republican (1966, 1974, 1977, 1985. - Chisinau) and USSR (1967.- Moscow, Leningrad, 1982. – Tbilisi; 1987. - Moscow) exhibitions of artists of theatre and cinema.

The artist's work was exhibited at the exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova", organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia in the exhibition hall skhm them. K. Brancusi. Chisinau. 06 2005.

Works are in the collections of the Exhibition hall skhm them. K. Brancusi, and the National Art Museum of Moldova.


V. Plyusnin, N. Greenwald. "Fine arts of the MSSR"// the Catalogue of the exhibition in Yerevan (Armenia). Chisinau, 1971.

S. V. Cherdivarenco. BORIS SOKOLOV. The catalog of personal exhibition. // Ed. Timpul, Kish., 1988.

Portrait of the ACTOR M. CEBANU. B., CT. 56х47, 1968.

Sketches of scenery for the play G. Palamarchuk"Badea Cozma".B.,gouache,1985.

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