Stepanovich Shchelin

Russia • born in 1933

Biography and information

Graphic artist, painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He graduated from the Gorky hood. Uch-school (1960). Participant of exhibitions: . and mountains. since 1967, resp. "Drawing and watercolor" (Leningrad, 1972), "Soviet Russia" (Moscow, 1980), "the Blue expanse of the Motherland" (Moscow, 1984), zones. "The Soviet North" (Vologda, 1975; Komi, 1979; Novgorod, 1984), region. "Artists of the North" (Murmansk, 1989), abroad. (Norway, 1996). The work of S. – in the Arkhangelsk Museum will depict. arts.

(Source: encyclopedia)

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