Yanovna Endzelina

Russia • born in 1927

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He studied in the Architectural faculty of the Latvian State University (1946 – 48) and in the Department of painting of Academy of arts of the Latvian SSR (1948 – 53, with interruptions, was deducted from the disease).

In exhibitions it has participated since 1960.

Her work is exhibited in Moscow (1961, 1979), Rostock (1962), Montreal (1967), Vilnius (1969, 1975), Szczecin (1969), Tartu (1974), Prague (1978), London (1993), Winchester (1993), etc.

Personal exhibitions are organized in Tartu (1973), Koknese (1982), Malpils (1983), Valmiera (1986), Riga (1992, with B. Berzins, 1998).

L. Endzelina member of the Union of artists since 1964.

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