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Ivanovich Argunov


Nikolai Ivanovich Argunov (1771 – after 1829) studied with his father, Ivan Petrovich Argunov. ARGUNOVA, a family of Russian architects and artists whose art represents the work of Russian serfs artists. All members of this family were serfs of counts Sheremetev.

In 1790-ies has developed his skills by copying paintings of the Hermitage. In 1816, received his freedom. Was a highly gifted portraitist, combining the principles of classicism with preromanticism trends. The most famous filled images of serf Actresses (T. V. Shlykova-Pomegranate, 1789; and P. I. Kovaleva-Zhemchugova in a red shawl, 1802, and a striped robe, 1803, all in the Museum-estate Kuskovo).

Argunov Nikolai Ivanovich


In Russian art of the XVIII-th - the first half of the XIX-th century the family Arganovich occupies a special place. All Argunova, despite the fact that they were serfs belonging to the counts Sheremetev, has made a significant contribution to the development of Russian culture.

>>>>>>>>>The beginning of glory of the dynasty Arganovich put father - Ivan Argunov, who taught many future famous artists, including Anton Losenko and, for a short time - Levitsky. (Work brush I. P. Argunov "Portrait of H. M. Hripunova", 1757 , "Portrait of P. B. Sheremetev", 1760 , "Portrait of I. Ekimov", 1790 ).

Nikolai Ivanovich Argunov continued his father's work. A lot of effort and creative energy spent on Argunov making copies of paintings by fashionable artists. Over time it became apparent that Nikolai Argunov not only the original master - he had some influence on the development of Russian portrait realistic trends.

>>>>>>Diligent and able student of his father, the artist already in the 17-18 years working at a good professional level. This is quite clearly evidenced by the portrait of a ballerina T. V. Shlykova-Pomegranate, also a serf Sheremetev (stored in the Museum-estate Kuskovo in Moscow). A superb collection of paintings by Nikolai Argunov stored in the Palace-Museum of serf art in Ostankino (Moscow). Generosity and spirituality are attracted to created by the artist portrait of a remarkable serf actress Praskovia Ivanovna Kovalyova-Zhemchugova, who became the wife of count N. P. Sheremetev . Strict truthfulness, almost documentary precision are different portraits of the son Kovalyova-Zhemchugova D. N. Sheremetyevo and Moscow Governor General of the Napoleonic invasion graph]. In a number of them can be put deeply personal, heartfelt "portrait of an unknown" .

Over time, in the works of Argunov start of individual is enhanced even more. Only a few painters who labored at that time in the portrait genre, you can find a variety of psychological characteristics, are not so common such eyes, like Nikolai Argunov.

His models were almost never surrounded him with glamour. Modest, objective in its approach to the model of the best portraits Argunova is a valuable historical document of the era and always attracted by its artistic identity.

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