Vasilievna Yanovskaya

Russia • 1913−1994

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of the RSFSR.

Was born in Leningrad. In 1949, he graduated from the faculty of artistic processing of glass and plastics the MIPIDI. In 1949 went to work for LSHS, 1952 – 1975 – the chief artist of the plant from 1975 – a senior artist of the plant. Created sets, vases for flowers, chocolates, fruits, instruments for water, milk, juice, compote, wine, decanters, dishes, cups, glasses, bowls, water jars, Cutlery for dessert, ashtrays, sculptures, Souvenirs. For creativity is characterized by the use of two-layer and three-layer glass, sulphide – zinc glass technician, diamond faces, free blowing, sculpting, slab, crackle, ultrasonic engraving, deep etching, sandblasting, wide faces, painting the object black, white, red and gold paint, decorated with colored inclusions. Some of the work done together with H. M. Põld, V. I. Tumski, B. A. Smirnov, L. O., Jurgen, P. A. Powder, B. A. by Eremina, N. A. Savin, A. N. By Krasavina, A. D. Vasiliev, A. N. Solovyov, using forms developed by V. I. Mukhina. Participant in national and international exhibitions, works were exhibited at an Art exhibition for the VI world festival of youth and students (1957), the world exhibition in Brussels (1958), all-Union industrial exhibition (Moscow, 1957), all-Union art exhibition "Art in life" (1961), III Republican art exhibition "Soviet Russia", dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the October revolution (Moscow, 1967), all-Union exhibition "50 years of Soviet ceramics and glass" (Moscow, 1968 – 1969) etc. Awarded gold and silver medals of VDNKH of the USSR (1960, 1968), "Grand Prix" of the International exhibition of glass and porcelain "yablonets-76" (Czechoslovakia, 1976), silver medal of the USSR art Academy (1982), etc. Since 1959, consisted of the USSR Union. In 1972 awarded the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Works are in VMDPNI, GIM, GRM, GMK "Kuskovo", Elaginoostrovsky Palace – Museum, Sergeevo – Posadsky state Museum, the State Museum of Ethnography and art crafts (Kiev), Novgorod Museum – reserve, Museum-Petersburg, Perm gosudarstvennoi art gallery (Perm), art gallery of Tyumen (Tyumen), the Tula regional art Museum (Tula), Omsk Museum of fine arts (Omsk), Arkhangelsk regional Museum of fine arts (Arkhangelsk) Museum. M. V. Lomonosov (St. PETERSBURG), Ulyanovsk regional art Museum (Ulyanovsk), Samara art Museum, the House-Museum of M. V. Lomonosov (the village of Lomonosovo, Kholmogory district, Arkhangelsk region), the Museum of industrial art to them. V. I. Mukhina, the Museum of Dyatkovo crystal factory (Brussels), the Museum of the factory "Red giant" (Nikolsk), etc.

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