Alexandrovich Yarantsev

Russia • born in 1919

(R. 1.01.1919, S. Ronga Romenskoho (Soviet) district of the Mari region), graphic artist, member. CX USSR (1965), the party he Led. Otech. war. In Person. 1932. From 1935 studied at art school CHTZ under arms-tion, A. P., Saburov. In the years of Led. Otech. war, Sergeant of artillery, fought in the North.-Zap., 1st Belarusian. and Baltic fronts as commander of 76-mm guns. Participated in the battle of Kursk as part of a marching-REM. gun workshop. From 1946 a member of. people t-VA “Artist”. Ed. proizv. painting and drawing, exhibited in the Person. art gallery: “the Flood” (1960), “Industrial motive” (1960), “Warm evening” (1961), “Factory pond” (1961). Participant 3 zones. exhibition “the socialist Urals” (Sverdlovsk, 1964; Perm, 1968; Pers., 1969), where show works: “portrait of the Bolshevik-Leninist I. S.],” “Portrait of Vali”, “afternoon” shows people artists in Moscow (1989): “Portrait of Hero of Socialist Labor V. A. Kislitsyna”; series. exhibitions. Elected representat. trade Union (60-70-ies) VI. the audit Commission People. Department of agriculture(1985-87). Awarded hordes. Cu. Stars (1945), Otech. war 2nd step. (1985), medals, twice – “For courage” (1942, 1943) and.

(author of the article: T. A. Mamykina)

Lit.: Saburov A. True native plant / A. Saburov, N. Cherkasov // CHR. 1979. 10 Jun; 50 years of Victory: Chelyab. artists – veterans of the great Patriotic. war, 1941-1945: Cat. CA. H, 1995; Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991: Right. / AVT.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. H, 1996.

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