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Netherlands • 1460−1523

Gerard David (niderl. David Gerard; approx. 1460, Oudewater, Utrecht — August 13, 1523, Bruges) is a Flemish-Dutch painter, representative of the early Northern Renaissance.

He worked in his father's workshop, he later moved to Haarlem. In 1484 he settled at Bruges. Studied with Hans Memling, whose influence the style of Gerard has changed significantly. With 1494 was a city painter in Bruges. Presumably the teacher Adrien of Isenbrant.

DAVID Gerard (David Gerard)

OK. 1460, Oudewater — 1523, Bruges. Netherlandish painter. Years and place of teaching are unknown. Worked in Bruges (but. from 1484), taking the leading place among the artists after the death of Memling. In 1515 he joined the Antwerp Guild of painters, but later, in 1521, and in 1523 — is once again referred to in Bruges. Headed a large workshop with many apprentices and journeymen, izgotovlenie copy and repetition of his work.

In the works of David tradition of early Netherlandish Renaissance continues and at the same time preserved. His art is innovative devoid of pulses, repeating in a relaxed, loose version of the achievements of their predecessors. Religious themes in the images of David full detached contemplation (the Baptism of Christ, 1508, Bruges, Mountains. art gallery). Detachment, lack of drama different works depicting scenes of suffering and martyrdom. So, in one part of the diptych the judgment of Cambyses (1498, Bruges, Mountains. art gallery) king Cambyses and other witnesses of the execution of the unjust judge, which flayed alive, a completely indifferent look on as the executioners with the skill of clever craftsmen making her a terrible thing; the only manifestation of feelings — the face of condemned men. Coloring pictures of David gives the impression of the same on the cold side of rationality.

His works were highly appreciated and he was constantly busy running the city and private orders. David died in Bruges on 13 August 1523.

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