Nikolayevich Petrov

Russia • 1904−1944

Thesis in the CVC made. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist-painter.

1930 he Graduated from the painting Department of the Higher art technical Institute (Vkhutein) in Leningrad.

1937 Fought in the ranks of the volunteers-antifascists in Spain.

1941-1943 Worked in the team of the Leningrad artists and poets "the Fighting pencil", performed satirical posters.

1930 - 1940-e years, lives and works in Leningrad. Engaged in printmaking.

Comments: the work of P. there are in the Russian Museum at the Russian state library (RSL) in Moscow.

The album works of P. "Spanish diary". Leningrad, 1970. His works are in the Russian Museum.

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