Nikolaevich Zarudin

Russia • born in 1905

Biography and information

Tarudin born into a family of Russian Germans in Pyatigorsk. Father - Edward E. Eichelman served as a mining engineer in Pyatigorsk(see the website about Pyatigorsk), then to Nizhny Novgorod and then lived in Moscow.
A. N. finished and completed a diploma in Vaxjo. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist mass of genre painting. Wrote a lot of portraits - in particular the famous tractor driver Pasha angelina. The picture is located in Kharkov.
A. N. he was married to Alevtina Nikolaevna Bezukladnikova(member of the Union of artists of the USSR).
Killed in battle near Smolensk in August 1941, causing the fire itself(the signalman).