Germany • 1740−1799

Biography and information

Ferdinand, Cabell (1740 - 1799), German painter and engraver, landscapist, studied in Mannheim and Paris. On his return to Mannheim, he received the title of court painter and Professor at the Academy of that city. Here he lived and worked until 1793, which was moved to Munich and was made by the Director of the local art gallery. He painted landscapes like Berchem, often spectacular and testifying a thorough examination of the nature; however, much more skilled passed its form of the engraving needle, than its colors and tones with a brush. Landscape etchings by this artist, of which there are up to 242 belong to the best works of its kind, which appeared in the XVIII century.

KOBELL, Ferdinand (Kobell, Ferdinand)

1740, Munich — 1799, Munich. German painter, draftsman, printmaker. First studied law; then he studied at the Academy of drawing at Mannheim; in 1768-1770 in Paris with I. G. Villa. In 1793, lived in Munich; became court painter to the Bavarian court, a Director of the art gallery. Worked in the landscape genre. In the works of F. Males was influenced by the Dutch landscape, particularly the works of J. van rasdale. The merit of the German master was the development of tonal color, the ability to subtly convey the beauty of mother nature. For the transfer of her various moods of the fabric F. the Male anticipate the works of the masters of romanticism.