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Russia • born in 1969

Born in 1969 in Chelyabinsk

1988 - graduated from the Chelyabinsk art College diploma graphic designer

1992 – monthly grant from society for the encouragement of young artists. Germany

1993 – international competition "Pictures at an exhibition" by Mussorgsky, Austria. 1st place

1994 – international student seminar on enamel. Russia, Germany, France

1995 – graduated from Saint Petersburg Academy of decorative and applied arts

them. V. I. Mukhina (professors: G. Savinov, EXT. artist of the Russian Federation

A. Talaschuk). Diploma muralist

1997 - member of Union of artists of Russia

1997- "window to the Netherlands", international competition organized by

Consulate Of The Netherlands

1998 – member of St. Petersburg society of aquarellists

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