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Russia • born in 1927

Biography and information

Born in a Cossack village in southern Russia in 1927. Interest in painting was awakened to him in his childhood years, but that time when art took the main place in his life, was preceded by work at a metallurgical plant, working as a herder and Ranger wild horses, a partisan detachment during the war, a serious passion for music and even movies. However, the desire to make art prevailed, and after training in art school has led Alexey Bobylev in Leningrad, in the Institute named after I. E. Repin, which he successfully graduated in 1956, receiving a silver medal. A graduate of the Institute dedicates itself to the restoration of unique monuments, works of art, working as a restorer in the special scientific restoration workshops of the State Hermitage, and then in a specialized installation and construction management.

During its work, the master acquired the highest qualifications and a reputation as one of the leading art restorers of our city and Russia. The list of monuments which he restored, so impressive that, not being able to provide a list of all 64 objects in it, it is enough to mention the most significant of these, such as a mural in the dome of the Kazan Cathedral, the picturesque and sculptural rooms of the Catherine Palace, the sliding hill pavilion in Lomonosov, Stroganov, Yusupov and Elagina palaces, Jordanian and Stasovski stairs, Malachite and other halls of the Hermitage, and the restoration of the painting in the Museum-apartment Chaliapin and scientific restoration and archeological research of a unique monument of architecture of the first quarter of the EIGHTEENTH century - Sampson Cathedral.

The restoration of every such facility is a complex task (documentary, historical and archaeological research, restoration of every detail, part of the interior, including wall and ceiling painting, paintings, furniture, fabrics), the solution of which requires high professionalism, deep knowledge of engineering and technology restoration and conservation of works of art and a kind of artistic universalism.

All these qualities have A. Bobylev. He perfectly mastered the technique of fresco, oil, tempera, watercolor, pastel, miniature painting, painting on porcelain, fabric, wood. However, the artist-restorer, which is A. Bobylev, not just a craftsman, he should possess a perfect figure, rules of composition and laws of linear and aerial perspective, and also perfectly to know the characteristics of a particular school, a particular manner of writing of the master, without which it is impossible to produce replacement of the losses of the original painting.

Currently A. Bobylev entirely devoted himself to easel painting. The highest skill of the artist and the passion combined with irrepressible energy, imagination and desire to create and give a dazzling result.