Alexandrovich Edomsky

Russia • born in 1964

1964 Born in Leningrad.

1983-Graduated from art school im. V. A. Serov.

1991 Graduated from the Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. Mukhina.

C 1987 participates in exhibitions.

Since 1990 – member of Union of Artists of Russia. Painter, sculptor, graphic.

Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

The works are:

Center. Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

Kostroma art Museum

Tikhvin art Museum

The Museum Of Nabokov, Switzerland

The state Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Museum of contemporary art Central exhibition hall Manege, St. Petersburg

The state Museum of urban sculpture (St. Petersburg)

The Library Of The State Hermitage (St. Petersburg)

Library Of Sorbonne, Paris, France

Private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the United States.


1990, 1995, 2004 – Summer garden, Tea house, Saint Petersburg

1991 – House officers, Saint Petersburg

1996 – City sculpture Museum, St. Petersburg

1997 – Museum Of Alexander Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

1998 – Gallery "S. P. A. S.", St. Petersburg

1998 – the Tikhvin city Museum

1999 – Gallery "Palette", St. Petersburg

1999 – Museum Of F. Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg

2000 – Gallery "Borey", Saint-Petersburg

2002 – MDM Bank Saint Petersburg

2004 – gallery "Matisse club", Saint-Petersburg

2005 – "Farewell of Slav", gallery "S. P. A. S.", St. Petersburg

2005, 2006 – national library, the Sorbonne, Paris, France

2006 – an art project "Flea market", Moscow

2008 – Central house of artists, Moscow

2008 – Fine arts, salon for artists. Saint Petersburg

2008 – Art center "Picture" of the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow


Since 1987, regularly participated in the exhibitions:

Russian art, the Vatican

Russian tree, Paris, France

The whole Saint-Petersburg, Central Exhibition hall "Manege", St. Petersburg

1988, 1991 – triennial of Small sculpture forms (gold and silver medals), Stockholm, Sweden

1990 - Artif-1, Moscow

1991 - Artmif-2, Moscow

2001 – a Wooden sculpture of the twentieth century, state Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

2001 – Dembelsky album, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg

2004 – exhibition gallery "S. P. A. S.": in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands; Milan, Italy

2005 – artists Union, St. Petersburg

2005 – Russian artists in Finland

2006 – Exhibition of the gallery "S. P. A. S.", Bordeaux, France

2006 - Exhibition of the gallery "S. P. A.", Museum of Geelvink Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam, Holland

2008 – Art projects gallery "Art object", St. Petersburg

Monumental works of M. Idumea designed hotel "Old Vienna".

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