Stanislavovich Churilov

Russia • born in 1959

Biography and information

Painter, graphic artist. Was born . 1959 in the city of Vladivostok.

In 1978-1986 – studied at the Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. I. Mukhina at the Department of experimental design at Professor E. N. Lazarev.

From 1983 he started to teach in kindergartens village of Levashovo, aspen Grove, 1985 – always in the DPN of the Petrograd district (from 2006 – the Palace of youth creativity).

1992-1993 – he taught at the Herzen state pedagogical University them. A. I. Herzen.

2003-2006 – Institute of television, business and design (painting course).

Since 2004 - organizer and leader of the Informal creative Association of young artists "the Legacy".

From 1987 - member of the Union of artists of Russia.

Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg.


1995 – the Museum of Urban sculpture, St. Petersburg.

1998 – Museum Of Printing, St. Petersburg.

1999 – the State. the Museum of city history, Saint-Petersburg.

2002 – Gallery "AstroSoft", Saint-Petersburg.

2003 – International centre, Grenoble, France.

2008 – Exhibition hall of the company "Policor", Saint-Petersburg.

2008 - Museum of the MITKI creative Association, Saint Petersburg.

2008 - "Glass" Gallery, St. Petersburg.

2008 - Cultural center of Russian-German meetings (Peterkirche), Saint Petersburg.

Works are in the collections of

The state Museum of history of St. Petersburg.

Arkhangelsk state Museum of fine arts.

Museum of contemporary art, Central exhibition hall, Manege, St. Petersburg.

Voronezh regional Museum of fine arts. I. N. Kramskoy.

Mordovian Republican Museum of fine arts. S. D. Erzya, Saransk.

"Tsarskoye Selo collection", Museum of modern art, Pushkin, St. Petersburg.

Art memorial Museum Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Khvalynsk, Saratov region.

Deutshe-Bank (Deutsche Bank), collection.

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