Evgenievich Porai-Kosits

Biography and information

Graduated from the artistic-staging Department of the Leningrad theatre Institute in the class of artist and Director N. Akimova.

His first play "Host" the stories of M. Gorky he made at the Leningrad youth Theatre. Worked with leading Directors in Leningrad Z. Korogodsky, E. Padve, J. Hamamura, by V. Sudarushkin. Profession poraj-Kosice unique: an artist, a technologist, organizer of the artistic performance of the business.

For several years he worked in the Moscow Taganka theatre, where he headed production team. As a theatre technologist and collaborated with many top artists in the country: E. Kochergin, D. Borowski, W. Correra, M. Azizyan, I. Ivanov. At the Maly Drama Theatre since 1984, first as head of art-production part, then Deputy Director and a production designer. The author of the scenery of the plays staged by Lev Dodin "Stars in the morning sky", "Gaudeamus", "Claustrophobia", "Play without a title", "Chevengur", "the Seagull", "Moscow choir", "Happy", "Life and fate".

Also worked on the plays: "Duck hunting" (dir. V. Tumanov) at the Maly Drama theatre), "Life of Ilya Ilyich" (dir. I. Konyaev) and "Crazy Queen" (dir. O. Subbotina) in the Baltdom, "Carmen" (dir. I. Popovski) in the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya, "Borrow the tenor" (dir. E. Pisarev) in the Theater. A. S. Pushkin, "the Apostle Paul" (dir. A. Levin).

For the play "the Seagull" was awarded the National theatre award "Golden mask" (2001). In 2003 for the play "Moscow choir" was awarded the State prize of Russia. The winner of the award "Gold spotlights" (2007) for the play "Life and fate".

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