Ivanovich Zikeev

Russia • born in 1944

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - "the Russian Land", the rating is good. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter.

Born in 1944 in Kursk. With 1959. in 1963, he studied at the Kursk art and graphic school and from 1963 to 1969 – at the painting Department of the Leningrad

Institute of painting sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin, class of Professor I. A. Silver. Since 1970 participates in regional, Republican and all-Union art exhibitions since 1974 .- in the foreign. Since 1985 member of Union of Artists of the USSR. In 1991, he moved to Israel. Leonid zikeev – member of the Israeli Association of painters and sculptors. For the period from 1991 to 2007. he participated in many Israeli and international exhibitions.

The work of L. Tekeeva stored in the following museums :

Museum – apartment of F. M. Dostoevsky in St. Petersburg.

Museum of F. M. Dostoyevsky in Semipalatinsk ( Kazakhstan).

Museum Of N.. Nekrasov in St.-Petersburg.

The Novgorod Museum Of History And Art.

A picture gallery of. Deineka in the city of Kursk.

The print Cabinet of the Russian state library in Moscow.

The print Cabinet Public library. Saltykov –Shchedrin.

Art gallery in Safed Israel.

Museum Kfar Tavor Israel.

Many works of the artist are in private collections

Different countries .

Awarded the prize for the best work in etching technique at the international exhibition

,,Mini print international , Cadaques – Barcelona – 1994(Spain)

Diploma at the international Exhibition of Artists of Israel. Stockholm.(Sweden) 1995.

Diploma at the Exhibition the international graphic Biennale in Saint-Petersburg ,,Bin 2006,,.

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