Talipovich Osmonaliyev

Russia • born in 1956

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC (workshop of Y. M. Neprintsev, 1975-1981) - "Young friends", the evaluation - excellent. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.

Born on 18 Aug 1956 in S. Amanbayev Kara Boriskovo district, Talas region.

In 1969 he graduated from the Kyrgyz state Art College named after S. A. Chuikov.

Since 1982 he graduated from the Leningrad Academy of arts named after I. E. Repin, creative workshop under the guidance of people's artist of USSR, full member AH the USSR, Professor Yuri M. Neprintsev.

Since 1982 the party-Union, Republican and international exhibitions.

Since 1988 member of the Union of artists of the USSR and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Works are in private collections of America, Germany, France, Turkey, England, Russia and other countries of near and far abroad.

  • Learning
  • Teacher