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United States • 1756−1843

The American painter. He studied in London under B. West. The participant of the war of independence 1775-83, adjutant John. Washington. 1794-1804 in 1808-15, and lived in London. In 1817-1836 led the American Academy of fine arts in new York. The author of the small thin realistic portraits of participants of struggle for liberation (portrait of R.'d, 1793, Art gallery Yale University, new haven) and the Patriotic historical paintings on modern topics in which traditional academic composition and theatrical movements combined with genuine enthusiasm and realism portrait images ("the Battle of bonkers hill", "Declaration of independence", 1786-94, ibid.).

John Trumbull was born in 1756 in Lebanon, Connecticut, in the family of Jonathan Trumbull, who 1769-84 he filled the post of Governor of the state. In 1771-73 studied in Harvard University. In 1775-77 he was a participant in the War for independence, being in the position of adjutant George. Washington, and then — General G. gates.

In 1780 and 1784 Trumbull lived and worked in London, where he studied under B. West. In September of 1780 in America were captured and executed British agent John Andre; in response, British authorities arrested John Trumbull and imprisoned for a period of seven months.

On the advice of West, Trumbull began to develop a historical genre, capturing on his canvases the events of the war of independence 1775-83. Around the mid-80s dated his famous painting "the Battle of bonkers hill" and "Death of General Montgomery" (both Art gallery of Yale University), which was subsequently made a number of copies. In addition to historical paintings, Trumbull wrote small portraits, which in his life he performed about two hundred and fifty ("Stephen Minot"). His models were John. Washington, George. Clinton, Alexander Hamilton, John. Jay, John. Adams and other American political figures.

In 1785 Trumbull went to Paris, where he made sketches of French soldiers for the painting "Surrender of Cornwallis" and where he began his famous painting "Declaration of independence" — using the information received from Thomas Jefferson, who was the architect of this historical document. This painting and a number of others were purchased from Trumbull United States Congress, now they adorn the Capitol Rotunda. In 1831, the artist has sold to Yale University in a series of 28 paintings and 60 portraits. It's the largest collection of his works.

In 1816, Trumbull was appointed President of the American Academy of fine arts, in which position he stayed for nine years. However, students didn't get along and caused widespread outrage for their dictatorial behaviour.

Died in new York in 1843

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