Sergeevna Fedoseenko

Adelina Fedoseenko was born in Tajikistan and spent his childhood in the Volga region. In 1943, father, after recovering from severe wounds, were sent to the liberated Bryansk region on the fight against child neglect. First worked in the city of Pogar, and in 1944 the family moved to the town of Klintsy. Since then, Adelina Sergeevna forever linked his fate with this city. Young Adeline dabbled in journalism, she worked as a teacher. But the drawing remained an enduring passion.

When grown sons, Adeline Fedoseenko entered the Moscow State Correspondence Pedagogical Institute, art-graphic faculty. Trip to Moscow for classes and lectures, the exams gave the opportunity to visit museums of Moscow, to plunge into the interesting life of the creative intelligentsia of the capital.

Adelina Sergeevna met artists who taught at the Institute, began to visit with their families and in their workshops. A great influence on the creative development of the Adeline Fedoseenko was provided by artists Olga Malyutina, Alexey Solovyov – artist of the Bolshoi theatre, Professor. The circle of friends in Moscow from year to year extended. Adelina began to visit in the family of Gleb Borisovich Smirnov, teacher for drawing class, a beautiful painter, Feodor Alexandrovich Medarova – rector of the Surikov Institute.

Spending time in creative workshops of artists Kibrik, V., Stekolshchikov, Adeline Fedoseenko sensitive eye caught and assimilated the features of the creative style of each artist, learning the secrets of their magic art. These travelers were the best school for Adeline Fedoseenko. Unforgettable impressions creative evenings and meetings in museums, flats Gilyarovskogo, Golovanova, Nezhdanova.

Thesis Adelina Fedoseenko prepared under the direction of F. A. Majorova. A graduate of the Institute for discussion the State Commission was presented with a portrait of Nina Ivanovna Hlynina – teacher of one of Moscow schools. Work Fedoseenko received a deservedly high score. Currently, the painting is at the Museum of the city of Sapozhok Ryazan region.

(From the article R. Perekrestov "Adelina Fedoseenko")

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